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Say What? How the Brain Separates Our Ability to Talk and Write – 3.2 hours ago

Out loud, someone says, “The man is catching a fish.” The same person then takes pen to paper and writes, “The men is catches a fish.”
Although the human…

When it Comes to Hearing, Diet May Trump Noise Exposure – 2.1 days ago

GAINESVILLE, Fla. a??¬†Although the old wives’ tale about carrots being good for your eyesight has been debunked, University of Florida researchers have found a…

Baby Talk: Babies Prefer Listening to their Own Kind – 4.1 days ago

Babies’ listening choices, before they babble themselves, offer insight into early language development.
Everyone likes to look at young babies. But who wants to listen?...

Stirling Expert-Led Team to Pioneer Hearing Aid that Can 'See' – 0.9 weeks ago

June 2015 - A next-generation hearing aid which can ‘see’ is to be developed by a University of Stirling Computer Scientist-led multidisciplinary team of researchers and…

FDA Takes Action Against Unapproved Prescription Ear Drop Products – 1.2 weeks ago

Products lack safety, effectiveness and quality.
July 1, 2015.¬† The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced its intention to take enforcement action against…

'Make Like a Bat': Study Finds High Frequencies Help Us Find Objects Using Echoes – 1.4 weeks ago

The ability that some people have to use echoes to determine the position of an otherwise silent object, in a similar way to bats and dolphins, requires good high-pitch hearing…

How Does the Brain Respond to Hearing Loss? – 1.7 weeks ago

Researchers exploring the ways in which the human brain responds to hearing loss have identified patterns of brain ‘reorganization’ that may be related to a widely reported link…