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I met Patrice at a business expo. She was pleasant and personable. I was new to Santa Clarita and as a hearing aid wearer I was looking for information regarding audiology services in the Santa Clarita Valley. Patrice took the time and showed an interest in my questions and exhibited a real concern in assisting me in finding the right services to meet my personal needs. I have not used her services yet but plan to. She still remembers our conversation and has become my Facebook friend and I get frequent offers from her in the mail to attend free information sessions. Although I have yet been able to use Patrice for my hearing needs, I would highly recommend her as an Audiologist and Owner at Audiology Associates. She is first a compassionate, caring individual which would make her an excellent professional.


Patrice Rifkind has been a friend of our family for many years. Her expertise, professionalism and making you feel well taken care of is amazing. She made my Aunt feel comfortable in choosing her hearing aids. She made the transition a breeze! Thank you for your patience and warm personality. I highly recommend her!


Patrice Rifkind Au D. is a 10 in my book. She is top notch professionally and great person to have as my hearing provider. She makes good recommendations for devices and a great listener


I have known Patrice and her Wonderful Husband for many years. The quality service and support provided by Audiology Associates is second to none. They are also great supporters of the community!


My name is Pete and I'm a longtime patient of Patrice (Patti) Rifkind and Audiology Associates. Because of the outstanding care and service I've received here I feel it necessary to share my experience with others. What many people don't know is, there's a big difference between a hearing aid dispenser and a highly trained and experienced audiologist professional. If you've ever been told you might need a hearing aid, I suggest going over to Audiology Associates, because you can be assured you will see a highly trained and qualified professional. You can rest assured you're receiving only the very best care. After wearing at least one hearing aid for over 35 years, I feel I'm an expert hearing aid patient. Based on that lifetime of experience, I have absolutely no hesitation about referring my friends and family members to Audiology Associates. I've had a hearing aid since childhood, but was always advised I needed two. I always declined the second aid until a number of years ago, when Patti finally convinced me to get the hearing aid for my "good" ear. I took a chance and purchased the second aid. I don't think I ever thanked Patti, but it was the best advise I could have ever received. It turns out my one ear was NOT my "good" ear at all. It was better than the first ear but way worse that I thought. It's so nice to be able to hear so much better than I used to. As a hobby I play fiddle in a band, and the second aid has enhanced that experience, and my everyday life as well. If you're having hearing problems or have been advised to get a hearing test, call these folks and make an appointment. You might be surprised at the results, but I can promise you will receive an professional and accurate evaluation, and if needed, a workable and affordable solution. If it's found you might need a hearing aid, I bet you will be surprised at how much better you can hear when you finally get your aid. For those with hearing problems, a great audiologist like Patti, and a good hearing aid, can make a major positive impact on your life!


I'm so grateful for our casual chat at a recent charity event where I shared with her my increased frustration with not being able to hear clearly (due to chronic tinnitus). She encouraged me to come see her for an evaluation. Because my hearing loss was gradual, over more than 12 years, I had NO idea how much my hearing had actually deteriorated. The fact was, I couldn't HEAR!!! Now, with the help of state of the art hearing aids (that NO ONE can even tell that I'm wearing... I don't have to say "huh?" or "what?" anymore. The TV doesn't have to be uncomfortably loud (for everyone else). I no longer struggle at choir rehearsals. The list of benefits grows daily.  didn't realize how much I was actually missing.... personally and professionally. My only regret is not going to see Patrice sooner. Thank YOU, Patrice for the "Gift of Hearing." I am forever grateful."


Approximately 3 years ago, it had become really obvious that I needed hearing aids. I was constantly saying, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that, I didn’t quite hear you”. I started visiting numerous hearing aid centers. The last one of five that I visited was Audiology Associates where I met Patrice and Kimberly. They were so kind and patient with all my questions and really cared. After the testing, I was fitted with my hearing aids and upon actually hearing someone clearly speak, I burst into tears. We sat together and I realized my life was going to change for the better. I go to the office to obtain hearing aid supplies on a regular basis and am always greeted with kindness and smiles from the office staff. I know I made the right choice in choosing Audiology Associates.


In my 80th year, my hearing was tested. Needless to say, I was nervous and not looking forward to the prospect of hearing aids. I heard from people how hard it was to adjust to them. When I met Patrice, she made me feel relaxed and explained the procedure to me. She gave me time to adjust, and every session with her made me feel I would be fine with them. She said if I was concerned about anything to give her a call anytime. My children noticed the improvement in my hearing capacity. They tease me and say “if we get too loud, you can turn us off” and I do!! Thank you Patrice for your guidance and patience.

Virginia, 80

I would just like to say that this experience on finally acquiring my hearing aids was made much more pleasurable by this office. I really enjoy working with Patrice and how helpful she was in helping me choose the right ones. It is very reassuring to know that the entire office staff is here to help with future situations and they are very pleasant.

Diane, 59

Our office experience with your company has been really wonderful. Your receptionist is such a great outgoing and positive person who always greets us warmly and makes us feel welcome. She is friendly, professional, efficient and accommodating. Due to such warm reception, we felt comfortable at our first visit. Patrice has been such a great person in helping us. She is professional, friendly, open helpful, knowledgeable, concerned and oh so patient. She has gone above and beyond to make our experience a rewarding one. Patrice has been so accommodating and thorough. Oh yes, what a great sense of humor. We also greatly appreciate the time which Elizabeth (Resound hearing aid representative) took to come to our home and try to resolve the T.V. box issue. Both of us are now able to be more involved in conversation in a group or on one basis. We are really happy to have conversations without constantly repeating. Both our families have noticed a positive change. Thank you so much!


It is nice to hear in both ears and not just in one. I am glad that I went to Audiology Associates. My visits to see them are good. I feel very good inside when I am able to hear things for the first time. They have good people working for them and I enjoy coming to their office. They make my day go a long way.

FB, 61

I never realized how much I was missing until I went to Audiology Associates. Everyone there was so helpful and when I walked out of that office, I could hear! It was wonderful. Now I can even hear the clock tick. Thank you so much Audiology Associates for giving me my life back.

JM, 66

For several years my wife has been telling me I needed hearing aids. I knew I had difficulty following conversations in noisy environments and in following the story on TV and videos. But I watched others struggle with their older hearing aids and fuss with the screeching noises and the batteries and even choosing not to wear them much of the time. I was determined not to get them for as long as possible. Finally, when I decided it was time, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get used to them, how few people even noticed I had them, how well they worked with the new technology, and how much better I could hear and enjoy conversations and videos (and even hear the birds when I'm out walking) and I wonder why I waited so long. Dr. Rifkind and all those at Audiology Associates have been knowledgeable, patient and helpful in every way and have helped me make the transition to hearing aid use a pleasant experience. My wife is ecstatic as she always says I now understand every word. There is absolutely no screeching with the new technology and the versatility for adjusting to different environments and needs is impressive.

PS, 75

WOW! Life with this new Oticon System has made my hearing loss better that just manageable. The Bluetooth capability allows frustration-free phone conversation as well as TV & music enjoyment. Patti and Kimberly have the drive and patience that assure complete satisfaction is achieved with the proper device provided. Thank you so very much! P.S. I would have sent this sooner but I have been enjoying my "new ears" too much.~M.S., 53

"I have been with Audiology Associates for over 6 years and have received professional care and a pleasant experience all around. New hearing aids have helped me hear many of the words I used to miss which was frustrating to say the least. Whenever I needed sound tubes, domes or batteries, they accommodated me without hassle or charge. I have recently upgraded to newer technology to improve my hearing even more. Life is too short not to hear what is going on in it." ~LN, 64

"Did you ever wish you had some hearing aids that come close to your natural hearing?  I know I did. I am 92 and am on my 5th set of hearing aids.  After all this time I am finally happy.  To sum it all up in one sentence, these aids left you hear what you need to hear and somehow they suppress the noise.  Don’t ask me how they do it, all I know is I notice some of the noise that used to bother me does not anymore.  I am using the Phonak Exelia Art BTE.  If you come to Patti and her crew, you will be in very good hands with NO regrets."  ~Earl, 92

"I came to Dr. Rifkind because I felt my ears were plugged and full of wax. Little did I know I had some loss of my hearing. Although it is not a severe loss, it was enough to warrant wearing hearing aids. At my age (under 50) I was shocked. If it were not for the professionalism and support of this office, I would have had a difficult time adjusting. I can finally hear and I am not yelling so loudly. The staff are very accommodating and Dr. Rifkind was very comforting."

I cannot thank them enough for enhancing my life!


"I am so grateful that you were recommended to me by a satisfied customer because you have helped my hearing so much. I hear things that I haven't heard for the past 5 years and I was getting a little annoyed before, but thanks to you, I HAVE A DIFFERENT OUTLOOK ON LIFE! Thanks especially to you, Patrice and the entire office at Audiology Associates. I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Ethel, 88

I was really pleased with the professionalism of Audiology Associates. Patrice in particular treated me as a human being showing genuine concern for my wellbeing. Her extraordinary service went way beyond the actual purchase of my hearing instruments. She continues to this day to call to see if my instruments are performing adequately. I've already recommended Audiology Associates to all of my friends and acquaintances. Patti ...THANK YOU for making me feel comfortable, relaxed and most of all cared about!

Scott, 41