A mature black father kissing his daughter with hearing loss on the cheek as she smiles

Talking Sounds Variation

Request an Appointment Learn More Are You Hearing Sounds as Well as You Could? Many people believe hearing loss is the complete absence of sound. However, that is simply not true. Hearing loss affects our ability to hear sound clearly. Even if you have hearing loss you can still hear people talking, you may just …

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Band playing music with hearing protection

Hearing Protection

Surprising Activities that Can Harm Your Hearing Your hearing is important. You rely on your hearing to communicate with loved ones, collaborate with coworkers, and to hear all of your favorite sounds. In order to keep hearing your best, it’s important to be proactive of your hearing health now and for the future. Some of …

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BSHM flyer

Better Hearing & Speech Month

Better Hearing and Speech Month: What to Know Your hearing is an integral part of your health and allows you to live a life full of wonderful sounds. Because hearing health is so important, every May the American Speech-Language Hearing Association raises awareness about hearing and communication by celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). …

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Man getting hearing aid maintenance

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Do You Spring Clean Your Hearing Aids? If you have hearing loss, then your hearing aids play a crucial role in your ability to effectively communicate with others. You rely on your hearing aids to hear sounds and to interact with the people in your life. Hearing aids can provide you with better hearing for …

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