New Article: Chain Stores vs. The Audiologist

There's a lot of confusion in Valenica currently about whether or not hearing aids can just be purchased over-the-counter from their local big box warehouse store, or if they truly need to see an audiologist. We're hoping that this article will shed some light on the subject.

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Tips on Hearing Aids

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Keep your hearing aids free from moisture. If they get wet, dry them off immediately. If you live in a humid area, we recommend that you store them in a hearing aid dehumidifier when not in use.

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Hearing Myths

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MYTH: Everyone will notice that I need to wear hearing aids.
FACT: It’s a common misconception that hearing aids are big bulky devices that everyone can see. In fact, hearing aids are now sleek, small, and comfortable. Because of their discreet design, people hardly ever notice someone is wearing them.
MYTH: Hearing aids won’t help me.
FACT: The amount of hearing devices that are available now is staggering. There are hearing devices being made for nearly all forms of hearing loss. At Audiology Associates, we’re able to determine the type of hearing loss a patient has and fit them with the device that will best treat it.
MYTH: I can’t afford hearing aids.
FACT: Hearing devices shouldn’t be viewed as just another piece of technology. They’re an investment in a better quality of life. Hearing devices range in price depending on the style, technology, and features included. There are a variety of financing and payment options available so that hearing devices can be affordable on any budget.
MYTH: My family members just mumble and don’t speak loud enough.
FACT: One of the most common signs of hearing loss is a difficulty understanding conversations. If you find yourself constantly asking people to repeat themselves or to talk louder, you may have some form of hearing loss. We recommend scheduling routine hearing screenings to get the facts about your hearing health.
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